Gorakhpur tragedy: A case of corruption or sanitation

Uttar Pradesh, the land of politics, is again in the news and this time not for its superstar CM Yogi Adityanath but because of the tragedy which recently captured the headlines of most of the newspapers and news channel and has left the Prime Minister of India red faced before the 71st Independence Day of India. But, is it a case of corruption or sanitation?
CASE 1: Corruption at BRD Hospital, Gorakhpur
According to the CAG report of June 2017, it was found that the BRD hospital lacks the basic infrastructure to accommodate the needs of the patients and their family. The hole in the infrastructure is one of the reasons which have been linked with the Gorakhpur tragedy. The untrained staff is also the reason that the infrastructure, even if it is present, has not been used.
According to the report, BRD parked a major fund of 27.4 crores in the Lucknow’s Kasturba Gandhi Medical Unit (Is previous government responsible for it?), which is a violation of the rules, resulting in the delay of …

Govinda (The Aryavarta Chronicle #1) by Krishna Udayasankar-A book Review

ISBN: 9350094460 Edition Language: English Publish Date: July 2012 by Hachette India Page Count: 458
I have become a fan of theology and mythology lately and love reading books which give an alternative perspective to the mainstream mythology of India.
The story begins in the past and showcase how it is disintegrating from within and needed a transformation. The machinations of the Firewrights had led to the ruination of the Matsya Kingdom. The age long battle of Firewrights and the first born has been depicted in great details and how each one wants to take a piece of each’s life.
These two groups have divided the kingdoms of India into two, one supporting the Firewrights and one supporting the first born. Things become ugly for Firewrights. The story begins with Govinda Shauri, the crown prince of Yadu kingdom and many consider him an enigma. The characters are not divine and are just ordinary humans who have done some extra ordinary things in their life and that’s the beauty of alternate …

Murder Mystery-Chapter 10:

Previously on Murder Mystery: Samaera was found dead while Sahil was found negotiating with someone in a dark alley. Samaera's post mortem was going on while media was busy speculating about the murder. Sahil was ina big problem and Ratan was trying desperately to prove Sahil as a murderer. Mishra Ji get's the report. Sahil makes a big announcement and so does the police department. Sahil talks to Tanushree about something. *******
Sahil entered his apartment. Though it was cleaned after the investigation was completed at his once called home, he could still smell Samaera’s fragrance in the hall. He threw his coat on the sofa, tossed his shoes in the air and went straight to the mini bar.
The bar was nothing short of extravagance. The top brands decorated the shelf, and the crystal clear glasses hung upside down over the top of the table; specifically selected for each kind of alcohol. He pulled a half filled Jack Daniels from the shelf and poured it to the brim in a beautiful ol…

EDM-The weekend high:

I still remember my first English song given by a friend of mine- Numb by Linkin Park. I was ecstatic about my priced collection and I used to play it on loop and try to imitate the energy of Chester Bennington. It was always tough to sing the lyrics, though, due to my beautiful English speaking and understanding skills.
In last two years, things have changed and the playlist which had Arijit Singh, Armaan Malik, Mohit Chauhan and Sonu Nigam soon shifted to Zedd, Dimitri Vegas, Skrillex, Tiesto and others. The main reason was to get away from same saggy love songs to something new and I found EDM my perfect exit.
The weekend is coming up and the mood is set for party and frolics (Skip this please!). Presenting you the different genres and the top five songs to make your own playlist:
Progressive House: This is probably the most recognised and popular genre of EDM. It includes verses, a buildup and drop. It’s perfect to start your evening. If you have heard The Chainsmoker’s Closer, you k…

What Trump said and what he actually meant-Misplaced Sarcasm!

He spoke for around seventeen minutes and twerked his tongue twenty times in his mouth (Now, don’t start counting), but man, this guy was straight as an arrow and he must have sent jitters to some nations as an inaugural gift. I heard his speech thrice (Yes English has always been my problem, don’t judge me) and thought about penning this article straight away. So, let’s break his speech into parts and take some of his statements and try to decode them.
Statement 1:“We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country...together, we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come.”
What he means: This country has gone to dogs before I was elected and I will be your Messiah (Inside him: Ya sure!). I am here to stay and you people out there who voted me to be the 45th President of this country will re-elect me again for my work, I know that (Inside him: LOL) and together will take this country to a level where it has never been…

JalliKattu-Here’s what you should know about it:

Though the big debate started recently, but actually this beautiful (I should refrain from using this word) sport has bearing with the time of Indus Valley civilisation. A seal was found, preserved in Delhi Museum, depicting a bullfighting practice prevalent during that time. Someone would have tried taming a high on testosterone, wild and running bull by pulling it, holding its hump and would have succeeded. People must have had got a kind of adrenaline rush and soon it became a competition. A friendly (again let’s refrain) competition with a name “Eru Thazuvuthal”, meaning “Hugging the bull” (That’s why I used the words beautiful and friendly).
During the era of Nayak kings, this competition took reached a new level, where the king used to pack gold coins in a cloth and this cloth was tied to bull’s horn. This bull then used to enter an arena through a makeshift entrance gate “Vaadi Vaasal”. The one who get hold of Bull and stopped it won the competition and those coins were his. And …

SP Turf War-UP Elections:

Uttar Pradesh, one of the biggest constituency of India and one of the most critical landscapes of Indian polity. A land marked by conspiracies, crimes, riots, Behen Ji and the SP’s father-son duo. The elections are standing at the corner of the first quarter of 2017 and all the political parties are all set to capture this state-A powerhouse of Politics.
While BJP is yet again ready with Ram Mandir construction dispute, which has plagued the land since eternity and the recent successful surgical strike carried out by Indian army in Pakistan, under the PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Behen Ji is ready yet again with her Dalit card, which seizes to lose to its sheen despite using it multiple times. Congress looks clueless and trying anything and everything under the sun to demean the reputation of BJP, which it has garnered in last two years on the national level. While all this looks to mainstream, there is one party which is taking long strides to rule this beautiful state once more-…